What is ArtOfTheHak?

ArtOfTheHak (Art-Of-The-Hak) is a research portal that is hyper-focused on the study of cyber warfare and the digitization of information warfare and influence operations. More than 3 years in the making, A.O.T.H has finally begun to release our nation state, cyber mercenary and cyber-criminal gang profiles and have made them available for free so that researchers can more easily expedite their understanding of the threats they are studying. No profile is ever ‘complete’ as many advanced persistent threats go dormant, only to resurface with new targets, forensic footprint, malware and exploits. We make every effort to make sure the information is up to date and appreciate any corrections or APT actor evolutions that can make each profile stronger for future readers. We are continuously updating this portal with new actors and additional information on the topic of cyber warfare.


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