Pilates Reformer Classes Spring TX Pilates by KWest Spring Texas

Pilates by KWest
8900 Eastloch Drive, Suite 230
Spring Texas 77379
30.03553 -95.55781

Located in Gleannloch Farms at Pin Oak Office Village.
Near Spring Cypress Road and Champions Forest Drive.


A refreshing peaceful mind-body workout emphasizing smooth, flowing movement while building core strength and developing long lean muscles. Our focus is on flexibility, range of motion, toning and strengthening the entire body. Whether your goal is weight loss, improved muscle tone, or flexibility, we aim to help you reach your goals and lead a happier and healthier life.

Kathy West
Instuctor/Certified Trainer/Owner

I was introduced to Pilates in 2002 following my recovery from a three year battle with Epstein Barr virus, fibromyalgia, thyroid deficiency and chronic fatigue. I decided to begin an exercise regime with Pilates to help strengthen my muscles and joints.

In Pilates, I found an excellent way to strengthen and tone the whole body, delivering improvements in range of motion, flexibility, circulation, posture, abdominal strength and decrease my back, neck and joint pain.

Encouraged by the general health benefits and physical progress achieved, I decided to pursue my Masters Certificate. Educated in Classical and Clinical Pilates with the foundation of the original method and principles of Joseph Pilates.

I believe that the Pilates program is a great compliment to other fitness practices with its focus on building strength and flexibility. I know from personal experience how fitness and muscle tone can help create a quality of life enabling us to do all the things we love to do and feel great doing it.

My foremost goal is to enrich and strengthen the lives of those around me. I look forward to sharing my experience, love and passion for benefits of Pilates with others.


Runners, golfers, equestrians, soccer or tennis players can increase their sports performance and help prevent injury by adding Pilates to their fitness routine.

It will improve range of motion, flexibility, core strength and help correct muscle imbalances–decrease back, neck, joint and foot pain. Pilates is beneficial for many ranges and types of fitness levels


One of the most amazing things about the Pilates method of conditioning is that it is so diverse and adaptable. Anyone and everyone can benefit from it regardless of professional level of fitness or experience.

No matter your age, gender or whether you are an athlete or you have never exercised before, Pilates is right for you!


Our course will give you a strong foundation in the Pilates method and principles. You will learn to design and instruct workouts in personal or group training settings for a wide range of clients.

If you are interested in learning to teach check out our Teacher Training or give us a call. We are always looking for great teachers! Pilates is a growing profession that continues
to see a high rate of growth every year.

Google Reviews:

B.J. Sully

Like most guys, I was apprehensive about trying Pilates. However, after going with my wife, I was shocked at the excellent workout I had, and especially with having old shoulder injuries. Kathy is an awesome instructor who is very knowledgeable and attentive to each student. With me, Kathy has the goal of improving unknown weaknesses that plague most heavy lifters with eventual injury. I now regularly attend classes to work on my hidden weaknesses and improve my flexibility and range of motion. Kathy will also take the time to help you after class with “homework” you can incorporate into your regular lifting. As bonus, the studio is extremely clean and inviting. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Pilates by KWest!!

Danielle Sills

Beautiful studio! Perfect place to come for healing weak joints and overcoming injuries, or just for a great strengthening workout. Love the personal and heartfelt care for each person who enters the door. Proud and honored to call this studio home!

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Located in Gleannloch Farms at
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Stables Town Center
Gleannloch Pines Golf Club
Lyndhurst Village
Champion Forest Drive


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